Plastic Surgery Does More Than Make People Look Good

Mention the words “plastic surgery” and you’re almost certain to get an array of reactions. There will be some eye rolling, and then some people will talk about Hollywood or perhaps gold diggers. However, some will embrace it and claim that it turned their lives around and enhanced their sense of self-worth.

The truth is that of course some of those who get plastic surgery are just doing it for quote-unquote “shallow” reasons, but that doesn’t really describe the reasons for many people who believe it changed their lives for the better.

Did you know that the National Healthcare Service in Great Britain will cover certain kinds of plastic surgery? That’s right, and the reason is for mental health. Plastic surgery can do a lot to help the outlook for some people. Those who are particularly self-conscious about their bodies and find new self-belief under the surgeon’s scalpel. Plastic surgery can add confidence to those who most need it. It can also, though people very much dislike this aspect, help aid people’s careers. Inevitably, people who are confident and feel good in their bodies get ahead in life. Often, those are the people most often considered attractive, but that isn’t the prerequisite. It’s all about feeling capable of putting yourself forward, and plastic surgery can offer that.

Another great benefit of plastic surgery is that it can give people a second chance. Burn victims, people with scars, people who are overweight and find it impossible to lose weight, all of these people need plastic surgeons to help them get back to a look they consider normal and comfortable for themselves. Without plastic surgery, they would be forced to go through life feeling unnatural in their own skin.

For the above reasons, it’s clear why plastic surgery isn’t just popular in Hollywood or on 5th Avenue in New York City, it’s popular everywhere. It can be found in every big city and throughout the nation, even in places like Iowa. If plastic surgery were only used to flatter the vanity of rich people, it would struggle to get by in such diverse locations, and yet the practice thrives everywhere.

Perhaps it’s time to give those who get plastic surgery a break. If it makes them feel better about themselves, who are we to judge them for it? For those who don’t need it, they shouldn’t scoff. They should just feel grateful that they were born with the bodies that make them feel comfortable and confident. And be happy that others are family able to catch up and feel the same way.

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