Keep an Eye out for Nursing Home Abuse

Although the mere thought of it is simply disturbing, nursing home abuse is occurring, and at a frequent rate. Senior citizens, being one of the most vulnerable people in society, are clearly defenseless especially when their living conditions prove that they are not capable of taking care of themselves. There are a number of ways that nursing home abuse can happen, and all of them are damaging in many ways – emotionally, financially and physically.

Because the number of elderly in the United States is increasing, the rise in the need for nursing home care over in-home care has also increased, and this only heightens the chances of having nursing home abuse. According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, not all elderly admitted to a nursing home are ready to report any abuse that they experience, therefore it is vital that the family should know what the signs of nursing home abuse are.This is to ensure that the elderly is well taken care of and to prevent the medical practitioner form harming other patients in the nursing home.

Not everyone is aware of it, but an elderly in a nursing home can also suffer from financial abuse. This form of abuse occurs when the abusers extort money using their authority over the patient, or even by gaining the trust of the patient (particularly those who are lonely and are eagerly friendly to other people). The financial abuse can come in a form of slowly taking away the patient’s money, or having a complex plan to take away or deplete the patient’s life savings. Caregivers as well as strangers are among the leading culprits for financial abuse, therefore family members should watch out for these types of people and how they can take advantage of the patient.

Misuse of credit cards or bank account information, healthcare fraud, and even identity theft are possible financial nursing home abuse. There are also many types of scams aimed for the elderly. Family members should not be the only nee who should watch out for signs of financial abuse in nursing homes, medical services and providers should also watch out for signs of nursing home abuse.

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