Plastic Surgery Does More Than Make People Look Good

Mention the words “plastic surgery” and you’re almost certain to get an array of reactions. There will be some eye rolling, and then some people will talk about Hollywood or perhaps gold diggers. However, some will embrace it and claim that it turned their lives around and enhanced their sense of self-worth.

The truth is that of course some of those who get plastic surgery are just doing it for quote-unquote “shallow” reasons, but that doesn’t really describe the reasons for many people who believe it changed their lives for the better.

Did you know that the National Healthcare Service in Great Britain will cover certain kinds of plastic surgery? That’s right, and the reason is for mental health. Plastic surgery can do a lot to help the outlook for some people. Those who are particularly self-conscious about their bodies and find new self-belief under the surgeon’s scalpel. Plastic surgery can add confidence to those who most need it. It can also, though people very much dislike this aspect, help aid people’s careers. Inevitably, people who are confident and feel good in their bodies get ahead in life. Often, those are the people most often considered attractive, but that isn’t the prerequisite. It’s all about feeling capable of putting yourself forward, and plastic surgery can offer that.

Another great benefit of plastic surgery is that it can give people a second chance. Burn victims, people with scars, people who are overweight and find it impossible to lose weight, all of these people need plastic surgeons to help them get back to a look they consider normal and comfortable for themselves. Without plastic surgery, they would be forced to go through life feeling unnatural in their own skin.

For the above reasons, it’s clear why plastic surgery isn’t just popular in Hollywood or on 5th Avenue in New York City, it’s popular everywhere. It can be found in every big city and throughout the nation, even in places like Iowa. If plastic surgery were only used to flatter the vanity of rich people, it would struggle to get by in such diverse locations, and yet the practice thrives everywhere.

Perhaps it’s time to give those who get plastic surgery a break. If it makes them feel better about themselves, who are we to judge them for it? For those who don’t need it, they shouldn’t scoff. They should just feel grateful that they were born with the bodies that make them feel comfortable and confident. And be happy that others are family able to catch up and feel the same way.

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Medical malpractice numbers are too high

We see them all the time on TV shows, but we assume that’s just part of the Hollywood drama. A surgeon makes a mistake in the operating room and spends an hour wrestling with the consequences. He pushes over chairs and bangs on the X-Ray machine while someone comforts him. The issue leads to some drama, then the credits roll and we turn the TV off. Next week, it’s like it never happened.

We assume these things are dreamed up by writers for entertainment, but in fact, there’s more truth to that storytelling that most of us would like to believe. In fact, according to WebMD, thousands of surgical errors occur every year in America, and that is not even including those that occur in Canada.

Those errors—4,000 in total—are not just any errors either, those are preventable errors. A preventable error is one made that should, under normal circumstances, be completely avoidable. Had the surgeon been as careful as she should have been, or had the preparations been done as they are meant to be done, no mistake would have been made.

These mistakes can be pretty astounding. In the same article, it lists the statistic that in an average week, 39 surgical implements are left inside people. 20 times in that same average week, a surgeon performs the wrong procedure. And a further 20 times, a surgeon performs the right procedure, but on the wrong person.

These mistakes are not just bad for their own sake, they can lead to serious harm for individuals or even death.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that the area of medical malpractice has arisen as an important field of law in recent decades. Medical malpractice suits have led to $1.3 billion being handed over from hospitals and doctors to those injured by these mistakes in surgery.

Even more concerning than all that has already been written here, researchers believe the numbers are actually quite a bit higher.

Interestingly, the age group most likely to suffer from these mistakes are those between 40-49. This is also the age group for the surgeons who made a third of all the mistakes. That means surgeons in the middle of their careers are more likely to make these sorts of mistakes than those at either the beginning or end.

Further, it seems that there is an issue with some surgeons being repeat offenders, as many as 12% made more than one error during the time of the study.

The results of this study are disturbing, to say the least. More must be done to make sure surgeons are equally careful with every surgery. The consequences of their mistakes are too dire to allow such high numbers to continue.

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Working Risks from Oil Rigs

Working on an oil rig is a very dangerous job. Even if you follow all the safety rules and regulations, there is still room for error and accident while at work. Working long hours, with heavy machines, and uncontrollable weather, accidents are bound to happen. There are many ways in which accidents can happen, and as always, there is a first time for everything, so some accidents have no precedents. Regardless of the popularity of the type of accident, the gist is that accidents are more common than we think, and even if you think you are at fault, there is still legal action that can be taken.

The number one cause of oil rig accidents is negligence. That is that someone didn’t do their job, didn’t do it well, or skipped over necessary steps. Not using proper safety measures also falls under this category of negligence. Maintenance of oil rigs is also key to avoiding disaster, so when the cleaning, maintaining, and upkeep of the ship is neglected, accidents become much more likely.

Other than accidents that could have been avoided with more diligence and attention, the next leading cause of oil rig accidents is natural calamites. Oil rigs work out in the middle of the ocean, which is already by itself a dangerous situation to be in. Then when you throw typhoons, storms, hurricanes, and gales into the mix, it is a recipe for disaster. These forces of nature cannot be stopped or foreseen, so preparing for them is difficult, thus avoiding accidents during these times is rare to none.

So really, it comes down to negligence and nature when dealing with oil rig accidents. It is important to remember that regardless of who is at fault, in this case yourself or nature, there is still an opportunity to take legal action. According to Williams Kherkher, there are protections that exist specifically to assist those injured on oil rigs. The Jones Act or Merchant Marine Act of 1920, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA), and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) all work together to protect oil rig workers.

Other reasons for oil rig accidents, mentioned by Williams Kherkher, are long shifts, equipment failure, and poor communication on the rig. Fatigue can often lead to negligence, along with poor communication. However, equipment failure is something that cannot be controlled. Regardless of the reason behind the accident, it is evident that accidents on oil rigs are common. Due to this high frequency of accidents, most oil rig companies have employees that are ready to handle injuries from the job. Throwing settlements and bonuses at their injured employees might appear like nice gestures, this is really just the company trying to avoid a lawsuit. With good lawyers representing you or a loved one after an oil rig accident, you could be entitled to much more than the settlement is offering. It is important to get what you deserve because no one should be subjected to danger on the job.

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Boating While Intoxicated: High Waters

While most would consider boating and other water sports safe, fun, recreational pastimes, there is a surplus of overlooked tragedy happening on our waters every day. Lakes and rivers are meant to be natural places of beauty, but unfortunately, not everyone on the water is as concerned with the rules and regulations as they should be. Boating Facts, provided by Texas Parks & Wildlife, has some shocking statistics that seem to only be growing with recent news reports.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife is responsible for “providing outdoor recreational opportunities and managing habitats such as lakes within the state of Texas”. According to statistics that they released in, Boating Facts,”alcohol plays a role in 50 percent of all boating accidents”. When one out of two accidents is caused by the consumption of alcohol obviously drunken boating is not being addressed. BWI, or boating while intoxicated, offenders “may be jailed for up to 180 days, be fined as much as $2,000 or both.” With such a low fine it is obvious many of today’s boaters choose to operate their vessels under the influence with little fear of punishment from lake authorities. After all, boating is not a cheap hobby, and many of these boat owners are in higher socioeconomic positions and therefore can incur these low fines without worry. This lack of responsibility can not continue to pass through the cracks.

This information serves to enlighten us on building a safer future for this country, in every way. The unnecessary deaths of many innocent people on the water must come to an end. Jarring headlines from Dallas News such as, “Texas man charged in boating accident that killed 8-year old boy” can cease to exist with stricter legislation and boating policy. In this particular accident the driver of the boat was indeed operating well over the legal limit for alcohol consumption and violating the no wake zone. There is no place on our waters for the blatant disregard of lawful precautions. In tragic, life taking events it is expected that the natural course of the law is to conduct an investigation and hold the vehicle operator responsible. In such events, it is typical for a personal injury lawyer to represent the victim and their family in order to pursue appropriate reparations for the victim’s family.

In summary, there is an unacceptable indifference to boating while under the influence of alcohol in our present day. Work must be done to elevate the level at which Texas Parks and Wildlife can continue to provide outdoor recreational opportunities so that they are safe for all parties involved. Meanwhile, cheap, non-threatening fines continue to allow reckless maritime operators access to the water at the risk of causing harm to innocent bystanders, including in many cases, children. Our lakes should not be dangerous places for our recreational activities. These places are to be where we find peace and relaxation. Let’s work together to achieve that for every person who enjoys the lakes of this great state.

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How to Avoid Gum Darkening

Even if you have clean, straight, and complete teeth, your smile will not be perfect if you don’t put your gums into consideration. In fact, it can even be argued that your gums can make or break your smile. Dark gums have been a problem of many individuals. It is important to note, however, that dark gums are not always inherently bad, because they can just be the result of natural skin pigmentation, especially for people who have darker skin. But still, this doesn’t change the fact that many individuals who have dark gums have oral problems – and cosmetic ones.

Brushing and flossing regularly

According to the website of Dental Expressions by Dr. Gary Bram, there are already solutions for dark gums, such as lasers. However, prevention is still better than cure. To prevent having dark gums, one of the most basic things you can do is to clean your teeth regularly. If you don’t clean your teeth regularly, bacteria buildup may be severe enough to affect even the gums, ultimately leading to their darkening.

Avoiding products that are bad for oral health

Certain products are damaging for your oral health, particularly the gums. One of these products is tobacco, as smoking has been linked to gum darkening. Another product that you should be wary about is cocaine, especially when directly applied on the gums.

Getting enough nutrients

It cannot be stressed enough that vitamins and other nutrients are essential factors when it comes to health, and oral health is no exception to this. Having a balanced diet can promote better oral health, and therefore avoid conditions like dark gums.

Visiting your dentist regularly

Certain aspects of your oral health can be beyond your capabilities, so it is still important to get regular appointments with your dentist to have professional help. This is particularly important when it comes to cleaning your mouth, because some particles may be stuck in there, on spots your toothbrush and floss cannot reach. Having regular dentist appointments also makes sure that you do not have rising oral problems because your dentist will be able to detect potential problems and fix them. To avoid gum darkening, you should not solely focus on your gums alone, because your best protection is good overall oral health.

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